Monday, May 24, 2010

Twitter Fun

Twitter Fun

I will blog more regularly.
I will blog more regularly.
I will blog more regularly.

Ok, now that I have written my lines as a reminder to do this more often - let's have some fun!

In this blog I am going to talk about some of the tools I have been having fun with in regards to Twitter.

IS Parade

The snapshot above is of my NBCCSue IS Parade. To get the parade started just put in a username and wait for the fanfare to begin - your twitter followers will join the parade, the drums will roll and you will have a jolly good time. At first I could not think of a way that I could actually use this tool other than for a chuckle. Then I thought that I would be a good way to start or end a PD session on Twitter. Thanks Shelly Terrell @shellterrell for tweeting about this one.

Last week I participated in a 3-hour workshop with Alec Couros @courosa prior to the CNIE 2010 conference. At the Understanding and Using Social Networks & Social Media session I was introduced to so many new tools. For today, I will focus on the Twitter tools that Alec demonstrated.


Enter a search term in Twitterfall and watch a cascade of tweets flow down. Alec mentioned a school that he visited that had the Twitterfall displayed in the front lobby. They had entered the school hashtag in the search so all the tweets were centered around the school. Pretty gutsy!

The Twitter Times

Here is a real-time personalized newsletter generated via your Twitter account. It takes a while to load up the first time but while you are waiting you can click on one of your friend's TwitterTimes pages and catch up on the news and blogs that are coming their way. This could be a timesaver if you have been away from Twitter and you want to catch up quickly.


Readtwit filters your twitter feed to links only, resolves link destinations and publishes the content as an RSS feed. You can then use any feed reading software / service to read twitter posted content along with the rest of your feeds.

This is just a peek at some of the resources that Alec Couros introduced at his workshop. To find out more visit the Wikispace he created for the session.

Later in the week I participated in a Harbourside Hangout concurrent session - Backchannel Boogie. The facilitators, Kyle Mackie @kylemackie & Giulia Forsythe @giuliaforsythe, hosted lively session where I learned about more twitter tools.


Twitterwall can produce a wall of tweets along with the Twitter's profile picture. This creates a wall that is visually appealing.


Enter a keyword in Twitterfountain and you can watch tweets, have images changing in the background from flickr and more. I have not had enough time to play around with it but I think it would be neat to have flickr pics from a conference displaying in the background with tweets about the conference floating through the screen. So many toys - so little time! Next!

Visible Tweets

Visible Tweets offers a few different ways to visualize tweets such as letter-by-letter, rotation or tag cloud.

Giulia and Kyle were great facilitators - lots of bantering back and forth, good fun and a lots of discovery. They knew we would never remember everything discussed so they provided a site for us to check out at our leisure. Thanks to both of you for the wonderful resources!


  1. That Twitter Parade is too much fun! It makes me smile every time I see it! I love the music and the pet sounds as well! These are great Twitter tools!

  2. Great job, Sue. It's so challenging doing the day-to-day work grind, reflecting on what you've learned at conferences and then taking the time to articulate for sharing. You've inspired me. I'm going to try and blog more too, as soon as I finish reflecting!

  3. You have caught me on fire with your enthusiasm. I will become a twitter aficionado or bust. Honestly, I have remained a digital dinosaur for too, too long - unlock my chains oh fearless leader!

  4. Thank you everyone for the feedback - this is so encouraging!

    Judy, we will get together to play with Twitter. I suggest meeting uptown, someplace with wifi. We could use twitter and have a mini 'social'. Later on we might even graduate to a tweet up.


  5. Thanks for sharing these tools! Appreciate that you focused on a few good ones--makes me more likely to try them!

  6. I still haven't gotten on the Twitter train just yet, but it sure sounds like fun. I especially like the Twitterfountain conference I might just have to check this out!

    Erin :)